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Online Petroleum Storage Tank Training

Welcome to Petro Classroom. Petro Classroom is a partnership that works with national and state associations to develop operator training as required by EPA and state regulatory agencies. Meeting regulatory requirements for the training of Class A, B, and C Operators and Tank Workers/Contractors is now easier than ever. Get started now...

Petro Classroom has made meeting regulatory requirements for Class A, B, and C Operator Training easier than ever by offering a one-stop shop for online certification!

Owners and managers of petroleum facilities can:

  • get their Class A/B Operator certification training online and
  • signup for a corporate account to get all their Class C Operators trained and certified.

Class A/B Operators can get their Class A/B certification online in 4 hours or less! To find out about cost and availability of online Class A/B Operator certification for your state, go to our state selector map.

To get your Class C Operators trained and certified, all you need to do is sign up for a corporate account and point your Class C Operators and other appropriate employees to They will learn:

  • a basic understanding of a petroleum storage tank system
  • to be aware of the signs/signals of potential petroleum releases or spills and how to respond
  • step-by-step procedures and safety precautions in the event of an emergency
  • safe fueling practices by customers and delivery companies.

The Class C course is web-based, and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Upon successful completion of the course, a "Certificate of Completion" will be issued immediately.

It is free to sign-up for a corporate account and you can login at anytime to see the progress of your employees. The Class C course is just $12.95 per student.

For more information about setting up and using corporate accounts, view the Corporate Account User’s Guide.

Individual accounts are also available for those employees who are purchasing their own training.

Check out a preview of the Class C training, which is also included in the Class A/B training.

Petro Classroom